Nancy O’Brien received her Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Therapy from Alverno College and Master’s in Creative Arts Therapy from Hahnemann Medical College (now Drexel University). She is a Board Certified Music Therapist. She studied harp with Elizabeth Asmus, Julia Ann Scott, Gretchen Van Hoesan and Maria Luisa Rayan. She is a harp regulation technician trained and certified by Lyon & Healy/Salvi Harps. As an accomplished professional harpist, she has a broad range of performance experience from orchestra to private parties with several CD’s available exploring various genres of music. With over 30 years of teaching experience of all ages from young children, college to retired as well as having been on the music faculty of The Pennsylvania State University and Lewis University. Other than harp she has taught: organ, piano, guitar, dulcimer, music theory, harp improvisation, looping, amplification and recording the harp as well as basic harp care.

Regulation Information

Area of Travel: PA, NY, MD, WV, Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)

Currently located in Oak Park, IL.

  • State College, PA week of June 7, 2021… Recently completed, returning in March 2022.
  • Regulation trip to Buffalo, NY, week of August 16th, 2021….Recently completed, returning in April, 2022.
  • Upcoming: Nashville, TN. Further information will be posted.

Please make sure a harp is holding tune before a regulation appointment, especially if you have just changed strings. If you will need assistance with any of this let me know when you are scheduling the appointment.

PRICE LIST: Zelle & Square payments accepted.

Regulation: pedal: $380/ lever: $190

Replace wire strings: $75, strings not included

Complete stringing: pedal: $180/ lever: $150, strings not included

Other work: price to be determined. Hourly rate $90

House call: $100+ depending upon travel time to and from location


lyonhealy.com; salvi harps.com; harp.com; harpcenter.com; folkharp.com; music therapy.org; harpcolumn.com



Individual harp lessons: 1/2 hour $25/ 1 hour $50 payment to be made in advance. Zelle and Square payments accepted.

Currently available in Oak Park, Illinois.

Zoom lessons are available

Individual lessons: harp improvisation; music theory; amplification, looping and recording are also available: 1 hour/$50

The Use of Harp for Music Therapy, blog found at westmusic.com, under blogs: Harp for Music Therapy

Arrangements and Recordings

Arrangements, found on www.harp.com:

Vissi d’Arte from Tosca arranged for Flute/Harp/Cello

Cradle Song by Sasha Argov arranged for solo (lever/pedal) and for Flute/Harp/Cello

Evening in the Village by Bela Bartok arrange for Flute/Harp/Cello

Largo from Symphony #9 by Anton Dvorak arranged for Flute/Harp/Cello

Mai by Gabriel Faurie arranged for Flute/Harp/Cello

Hungarian Folk Tunes arranged for Flute/Harp/Cello

Lullaby by George Gershwin arranged for Flute/Harp/Cello or to be played harp solo.

Six English Folktunes by Ralph Vaughan Williams arranged for Flute/Harp (pedal or lever)/Cello

Cassation by Joseph Haydn arranged for Flute/Harp (pedal or lever)/Cello https://harpcolumn.com/music/all-music/artists/nancy-obrien/cassation/




Recordings found on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music

Celtic Classic trio: Flute/Harp/Cello

Healing, Vissi d’Arte Trio: Flute/Harp/Cello

Lullabies from the Living Room, Vissi d’Arte Trio: Flute/Harp/Cello

Meditations, solo harp improvisation

Traditions, solo traditional ethnic music and improvisation

Afference, solo harp compositions by Barbara Neumuller and Sarajane Williams

Harp Decals

Many people do not realize it is not an easy or inexpensive issue to put “a little something special” on a harp soundboard. For permanent application with most harp makers, this is quite expensive. As time goes on, you may become tired of the design and perhaps even grow out of it. Consider having some fun with harp decals. They are easy to put on and take off, will not damage your harp, and provide an inexpensive way to personalize your harp. You can mix and match, change for the seasons or when you are just feeling you want to change along with your repertoire. Check out: HarpInk (Harp Ink) on Etsy.com.

CONTACT: OBrienHarpService@gmail.com

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